Glíma is the Icelandic national style of folk wrestling.
There are four points that differentiate it from other forms of wrestling:
The opponents must always stand erect.
The opponents step clockwise around each other (looks similar to a waltz). This is to create opportunities for offence and defence, and to prevent a stalemate.
It is not permitted to fall down on your opponent or to push him down in a forceful manner, as it is not considered sportsman-like.
The opponents are supposed to look across each other's shoulders as much as possible because it is considered proper to wrestle by touch and feel rather than sight.
The core of the system are eight main brögð (techniques), which form the basic training for approximately 50 ways to execute a throw or takedown.
Surrounding glima is a code of honour called drengskapur that calls for fairness, respect for and caring about the security of one's training partners.
The word glíma is the Icelandic term for "wrestling" in general. The same word has also a wider meaning of "struggle". (en.wikipedia.org)

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