All My Life (Toul Omry),A egyptian film (2008) by Maher Sabry. 
The film details the story of 26-year-old Rami, a gay man, an accountant and dance student living in Cairo, Egypt. His boyfriend, Waleed, dumbs him in order to get married to a woman. His best girlfriend Dalia leaves Egypt for San Francisco to finish her Ph.D. and escapes the new conservative atmosphere. And his pal Kareem, a successful doctor, is pressuring him to be more involved in the city's semi-underground gay community. Kareem is almost arrested in a police raid on a floating discotheque called the Queen Boat (based on an actual incident in 2001, which catalyzed gay Egyptians and a variety of international human rights organizations into action.) Rami's two neighbors Ahmad and Mina watch him from a distant. Ahmad, a devout Muslim man living next-door from Rami, tries to quell his longing for women, and Mina, a teenager who lives across the way, has a crush on Rami and lives unhappily closeted life with his strict Christian mother. As Rami pursues his own romantic path he goes through one-night stands with closet cases and fetishizing tourists. When he meets Atef, a poor uninhabited waiter who moved to the city, Rami has to make a decision either to pursue his relationship with Atef or be pressured by class differences

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