Ronald Reagan’s not-so-conservative daughter Patti Davis is no lesbian — she just writes in the first person as one in her new book, “Till Human Voices Wake Us.”
Davis — who posed for Playboy at age 41, appeared in the movie “Celebrity Video Centerfold” and dated Bernie Leadon of the Eagles — self-published the romantic novel on Amazon, where it can be downloaded for $2.99.
The story is about a a mother who loses her husband and falls in love with her sister-in-law. But Davis told The Post’s Richard Johnson that, unlike her other books,
“This is not me. None of it is autobiographical.” And don’t expect Jackie Collins-type sex scenes. “I didn’t want to write ‘Fifty Shades of’ whatever,” Davis said. “It’s a love story.”
In one passage, Davis wrote: “She knew my body long before she ‘knew’ it in the biblical sense. She stood beside me as I studied my naked self in a full-length mirror a week after giving birth to Nathan. ‘Oh my God,’ I moaned, lifting up the loose skin across my abdomen. ‘I’m a bloodhound.’ ” Love conquers all.

Patti Davis immerses the reader in a world of sorrow, passion, love and loss. Overall the novel is quite inciting with quick references to great authors, greek mythology and other trivia that might slow down the plot line. She masterfully takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions through the past, present and future of the characters. The account of spark that ignites Isabelle and her lover's love story, seems a bit hasty and surreal but it's development and every other relationship in the story was written beautifully. Wonderful book! It's an enjoyable read, once your start your story you can't put it down!

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