Gordon Merrick: A Measure of Madness
Escaping a destructive love affair in New York, Phil Renfield recovers his ability to love in the arms of English artist Johnny Marston and in the lush paradise of the island of Crete. But a storm is brewing over the blue Aegean, and his name is Manoli-Greek, beautiful, arrogant, and capable of stirring up a hurricane of shame and jealousy that leads quickly to violence.

Gordon Merrick was the author of more than 10 novels, including "Perfect Freedom" and the much-loved Peter and Charlie trilogy-"The Lord Won't Mind, One for the Gods, " and "Forth Into Light." He died in Sri Lanka in 1988.

Phil viaja a Grecia para olvidar una autodestructiva relación amorosa. Ahora quiere pasión sin compromisos, perderse entre los desconocidos que reclaman su cuerpo y no su corazón

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