It gets better (Ταϊλάνδη, 2012)
Σκηνοθεσία: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Tanwarin paints a pretty picture, with a beautiful woman standing by her red Alfa Romeo convertible sports car, overlooking a gorgeous green landscape in the mountain country of northern Thailand. But it's an illusion that's almost immediately defecated upon when the woman squats down by her car. Take it as a wryly humorous sign that all is not what it seems, neither in the movies nor in real life.
The woman, it turns out, is Saitan, an ageing post-op transsexual, and is motoring around on what looks to be a well-earned vacation. Stopping in a small town, she is waylaid by a strapping young man over a misunderstanding. But Saitan soon has the young lad Fai (Kawin Imanothai) wrapped around her immacutely manicured finger, and he spends a night with her and takes her on picnic.
Another story thread also takes place in northern Thailand, where a boy's father catches him dancing in front of a mirror wearing his dead mother's clothes. Soon, the boy Din (Pavich Suprungroj) is packed off to a rustic Buddhist temple, where he's to be ordained as a novice monk. The kid is at first apprehensive, but when he sees a handsome young monk (Kisthachapon Thananara) step out of the temple, something in him stirs, and the boy goes willingly.
And the third story has a young man returning to Thailand from growing up in the U.S. Tonmai (Panupong Waraakesiri) is met at the airport by a vanload of screaming ladyboys, including one with a billy goat's beard. All are dressed in their best black mourning dresses. He's there to oversee the closure of his dead father's bar – a ladyboy cabaret in Pattaya. (thaifilmjournal.blogspot.gr)

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Justo είπε...

La vimos el sábado pasado en el Festival de Cine LGBT de Madrid. Me gustó bastante, divertida y emotiva; tengo entendido que en Tailandia hay muchas trans, y se nota en la película.

Mi parte favorita es todo lo del chico que ingresa como monje...