Uomini uomini uomini (Italia, 1995)
Dir.: Christian De Sica
This film chronicles 6 months in the lives of four middle-aged homosexual friends, each of whom is a neurotic wreck. The film opens in a gay disco with very hunky Italian Go-Go boys and moves on through the lives of each of the men. As we watch the problems plaguing them, we also see their sense of humor, as they spur each other to perform outrageous anks and sexual games. They love, suffer, fight, are good or bad, and are generous or envious. All four characters are shown as lonely, pathetic, predatory, misogynistic and incapable of sustaining an intimate long-term relationship--but they laugh at the cards that life has dealt them. Sandro is a television producer who discovered his
homosexuality after having started a family. Dado is a successful orthopedic surgeon. Tony is a women's tailor who lives with his possessive mother. And Vittorio is an architect in love with an associate who is about to be wed. Together, the four men party through Rome, sharing adventures, practical jokes, and some disappointments. There is a sobering and frightening climax with a very handsome, naive, and vulnerable straight young man.

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