Oslo Architecture Triennale: Pornified Homes
A meditation on exoticism and identity via the world of male escorting
Madrid-based architect Andrés Jaque’s work examines how architecture helps shape socities. His film Pornified Homes, which showed at this year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale, considers ideas of exoticism and identity through videos of seemingly disparate stories—one featuring a flowering Amazonian water lily native to Brazil and brought to England in the nineteenth century, and another centered around a Brazilian escort who ‘pornifies’ his London basement flat to channel Latin exoticism. Here, the artist talks about the ideas behind the work:
“At a time when nations and national identities are intensively challenged, ‘Brazilian’ has emerged as the number-one search at sleepyboy.com, a UK male escort service with 686,565 annual users. 
"The film examines the constellations of online male prostitution, and the trans-national, transmedia architectures that enable them to exist. This urbanism of coordinated escort apartments, online profiles, district transformations, and bodily reconstructions was founded on the colonial tradition by which Amazonian ecosystems were comprised and mobilized as exoticized components of domestic environments.” 

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